We use design as a tool to create a social and sustainable society.


Project – Design as a bridge to vocational training

Displaced young adults (18-27 years), who live in Bremen with a temporary suspension of deportation status or rather with a permission to reside, often don’t have access to suitable educational programs (such as German language courses) or the training market due to structural conditions, a lack of qualifications or rather the corresponding certificates as well as uncertainty concerning their prospects to remain.

weserholz poses the concept of a holistic and privately initiated training preparation to that dilemma – brought about by the government.

The young adults design their (vocational) future by means of co-creation processes and an education program (design, craft, German language & mathematics). During this we focus on the individual potential and promote the creativity of the person.

Since fall 2017 six young adults per year – >>trainees – go through a curriculum at weserholz preparing them for vocational training or rather the preceding introductory training.


– Courses usually start in September/October
– Duration: approx. 10 months, depending on individual needs

workshop for design & craft                                 16 hrs./week
language workshop                                        15 hrs./week
mathematics training                          6 hrs./week
career guidance & job application training       individually      

Manufacturers and companies in Bremen looking for motivated young people find a reliable partner in weserholz. We support both parties concerning formal questions (e.g. financial aid) and also when facing other challenges such as the introductory training or dual education systems.

Read more about the trainee approach in our >>blog.

>> Do you have questions regarding our educational program? Or are you interested in implementing one with us? Then, text us here!

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The education project „weserholz – bridge to vocational training“ is funded by:

Workshops with international artists and designers are funded by:

The education project „weserholz – bridge to vocational training“ is funded by:

Workshops with international artists and designers are funded by:


The following workshops were facilitated by us:

We shared our expertise at the following workshops amongst others:


From prototype to urban planning

We facilitate workshops and support you with the following topics:

  • developing designs in co-creation
  • sustainable prototyping
  • intercultural cooperation
  • developing urban spaces in co-creation
  • learning language in creative contexts
  • etc.

>> Make a request for a workshop here!


Podium, Keynote and Talks

We attend your event as movers and an example for best practise, as creative people who think outside the box or as social entrepreneurs who do not only conceive sustainability ecologically.

We look forward to your requests concerning:

  • Social entrepreneurship
  • co-creation
  • new educational concepts
  • migration & participation
  • urban production
  • female founders


We look forward to your request:

> concerning education
> for workshops
> as speakers
for further ideas in the area of social design

Lobby 4 good – Let's work together

As part of a bigger network weserholz helps create public awareness for topics such as right of residence, causes of migration, future prospects, need for action. We develop projects in cooperation with our partners and produce furniture and interior with an added social value.

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